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I am a Party Member and I take my responsibility”—— Record of Wang Huadong, Deputy General Manager of Overseas Oil & Gas Division

In the endless wildness of Africa there erect rows of lofty derricks, under which there are a group of oil workers: regardless of wind, rain and sunburn, they stay in their position silently; regardless of sweat and mud, they never complain.  “So far I have been stationed overseas for four years”. Wang Huadong looks black due to exposure to the weather year in and year out, but when it comes…

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Failed to accompany his parent thereof the last hours; stick to his position even when his mother is on deathbed

Regardless of passing away of his mother, he insists standing on his position. He buries his sorrow and adheres to his duty of the company and the post. He tracked at the field, trying to ensure the safe gas production of trail test. This is Yang Guoan, General Manager of Overseas Oil & Gas Development and Production Division. In the small hours of August 1, Yang Guoan, General Manager of…

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