Job Title:Administrative Receptionist

Department:Department of HR & Administration

Work Area:Beijing

No of Post:

Release Time:2020-11-18


    Job title: Administrative Receptionist.

Department: Department of HR & Administration

Location: Beijing

Required number: 1

Released: October 14, 2020

Job responsibilities.

1. Responsible for the reception, registration and guidance of visitors, and promptly contact the visitors;

2. Responsible for the preparation and reception of group and company leadership meetings;

3 Responsible for assisting superiors to complete the administrative affairs of the company and the day-to-day affairs of the department;

4. To assist superiors in the management of internal affairs and meetings, and to provide timely and effective administrative services to other departments;

5. To assist the director to coordinate the work among the various departments of the company;

6. Actively complete the temporary affairs assigned by the superiors.

Job requirements.

1. Bachelor’s degree or above;

2. Good communication skills and team spirit;

3. Good image;

4. Age: under 30.

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