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POLY-GCL Petroleum Group Holdings Limited (“POLY-GCL”), a subsidiary of the GCL Group, is an integrated oil and gas company specializing in exploration and development, storage and transportation, trade and sales, and terminal utilization. The company’s principal business “Ethiopia-Djibouti Oil and Gas” project is the largest energy project along the “Belt and Road” in Africa. It has huge resource potential, and the reserve and capacity for first-phase implementation is proven. The project has been advancing rapidly, and is a major “One Belt and One Road” project which strives to implement China-Africa capacity cooperation. Both Ethiopia and Djibouti have established our project as their No. 1 national construction project.


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Chairman’s Message

All the GCL oil and gas people are working hard and moving forward with burden. It is the outstanding performance of all the GCL people which makes the GCL oil and gas flag fly high at home and abroad, making the mid and long-term planning of the oil and gas business consistently carried out with supreme strategy. We also become the pillar business of GCL Group’s third strategic transformation, lighting up new hopes.

We must continue to uphold the vigor and vitality of entrepreneurship and continue to express the energies and vitality of innovation. We should never wait and see, slack off, and forget our original heart.  We should be the value creators and problem solvers at all times.  We should always bear in mind our vision and mission, and to lead the way with forward thinking and cutting-edge technologies, so as to make unique contributions to the sustainable development of GCL Group.

New era calls for new actions.  All GCL oil and gas people must unite in the coming years, make persistent efforts, seize opportunities, and roll up our sleeves in up spirit and high professional quality, and strive to begin the full scale construction work for up-mid-down stream and generate some cashflow income in next year.  We strive to establish a complete oil and gas industrial value chain with GCL characteristics

                                                                                                              Chairman Barton Yu

Welcome to Poly-Gcl-Europa. Ltd

For over 47 years, I have dedicated myself to developing industrial businesses in the energy, mining, and communications sectors around the world. With this I have gained extensive experience in negotiating with Government and international players in achieving many successful event outcomes in energy exploration, development, transportation, and its commercialization, with major international partners in Africa, the Middle and Far East, Central and South America.

We have a long-term vision under lined by good management of people, resources, communities, and our environment – it makes business sense! Our strength comes from developing unique and sophisticated solutions for, at times, challenging environments and, In the magic of our success, lies our ability to attract first class talent and stay on the cutting edge of technology.

The challenge is to work on the green deal on renewable energy to safeguard the environment for a better world and for future generations.

We strive to maintain a culture of trust, innovation, and teamwork. In fact, the greater part of our team has been with us for decades and I am proud of our achievements and remain confident that we will continue to grow for generations to come – with specific attention to the Local communities where we operate.

Above all the values of life, to be confident and convinced of one’s possibilities and it’s abilities. Accompanied from a deep wisdom.

Sincerely Yours,

Vito Favorito Sciammarella

   Chief Executive Officer


Corporate Culture


Be committed to developing clean energy and continually improving the living environment of human.


POLY-GCL strives to build a first-class international oil and gas company, cultivating top-notch talents and making the best contribution. We will expand our business to cover other overseas resources based on our current business in Africa, participate in and win international competition and try our best to bring benefits to our shareholders and make contributions to the society and environment.


Be Truthful, Efficient and Innovative.


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