This article was reproduced from: Guangming Daily Dai Jun.

     On April 24, Chinese company Poly-GCL and the Ethiopian Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP) held a signing ceremony in Addis Ababa on Gas Commercialization Agreement (GCA) for the company’s investment and development of the Ethiopian oil and gas project in Somali region. The MoMP Minister Samuel Urkato and State Minister XXX and the Head of Ethiopian branch of POLY-GCL LI Wei attended the ceremony and gave a speech.

     Pictured is the text exchange between the signatories. Dai Jun.

     In his speech, LI Wei said, “The formal signing of the GCA clearly defines the principles and framework for the commercialization of natural gas for the project, provides a route map for the development of the value chain. We hope to receive further support from the Ministry of Mines and all levels of government of Ethiopia, with which we shall work together and make new breakthroughs in order to achieve the commercialization of Ethiopian gas as soon as possible, to develop the local economy, and to benefit the people of Ethiopia!”

     (Dai Jun, reporter of Guangming Daily in Addis Ababa).