Regardless of passing away of his mother, he insists standing on his position. He buries his sorrow and adheres to his duty of the company and the post. He tracked at the field, trying to ensure the safe gas production of trail test. This is Yang Guoan, General Manager of Overseas Oil & Gas Development and Production Division.

In the small hours of August 1, Yang Guoan, General Manager of Overseas Oil & Gas Development and Production Division put on his favorite overalls and came to the Hilala -5 well site early as usual. It was at the critical moment of Hilala -5 well testing——the main sand layer, and Yang Guoan had been at the site for half a month. In the early morning, the staff at the overseas oil and gas fields reported a piece of good news from the frontline that the gas test of the main gas well of Hilala-5 Well had made a great breakthrough, and it is estimated that the dry gas reserve within the Hilala gas field has reached one hundred billion cubic meters.

After the test result came out, Yang Guoan reported the good news to the leaders at the first time. However, what we didn’t know is that his mother just passed away on that day, and there were a lot of things for him to see about. However, for the sake of the field work, he suppressed his grief of losing his mother and chose to stick to his post.

After he reported the wok to the leaders, Yang Guoan began his busy “fighting” mode, as if the passing away of his mother had never happened. May the deceased rest in peace. He said, “I just came back from the well site before I saw the short message. I turned on my cellphone and received the message and knew that my mother passed away in Beijing early this morning at the time we succeeded in achieving the high yield. My mother worked hard all her life, but in recent years she spent her days in the resthome as I have no time to take care of her. Her biggest hope is that I can go to see her every week. But now I am at the field so I cannot go back. As an oil worker, I have prepared myself, but I was still very sad on hearing the news and I felt very sorry.” The sorrow lingered but he had to hold it back because at this moment nothing is more important than his commitment to the company in his heart.

After hearing the news, Zhu Gongshan, President of GCL Group sent condolences to him at the first time, and he expressed, “I pay my respect to a great mother! She is your mother, a mother of an oil worker, and a mother of all GCL people. I am deeply moved by such a great worker as you. The hard work at the well site lies in the time spent under the ground. But please believe that darkness in the well contributes the bright future. For our company, for our beloved family, all the efforts should be acknowledged. The time we spent with our families is short while thus making it more precious. Take good care of yourself!

They may be the veteran oil workers sticking to their posts for 20 years. Bitter cold or scorching heat can never stop them from finding oil and gas; loneliness can never cool down their righteous ardor in selfless contribution. However, the regret of not being able to look after their parents and accompany their wives and children is the pain that can never be touched in their hearts…

Or they may be the new comers who just arrived at their posts. When they are homesick, what they can do is to be immersed in their memory and see their family by going across mountains and rivers in their dreams. They feel their joys and sorrows, and suddenly understand the difficulty of their parents and then shoulder the responsibility and carry on the oil spirit….