On the afternoon of June 12, 2019, Poly GCL Petroleum Group Holdings Co., Ltd. invited experts from Beijing Fire Prevention and Advisory Service Center to conduct training on fire safety topics, which kicked off the company’s June National Safe Production Month series of activities.

     This training focuses on fire prevention, initial fire disposal, fire escape in overseas project sites, at home and office, and fire facilities and equipment use, etc. The company organized staff to watch some of the recent fire accidents case video. The experts introduced the precautions for fire prevention on the job site and at home in detail, demonstrated the use of common fire-fighting equipment, and helped employees raise safety awareness and master basic safety skills.

     Risk prevention and control is placed at the top of the list for oil and gas industry in the process of exploration and development, production, transportation and processing. The company attaches great importance to safe production and ensures the sustainable development of the project in a safe and stable operating environment through sound systems, implementation of responsibilities, control of risks, enhanced inspection and refinement of security. In the future, the company will, as always, stick to the principle of safe production and build a safety barrier for starting production and operation as soon as possible.