In the afternoon of August 11th, Poly-GCL Petroleum Group held a staff representative meeting with more than 20 employees from various departments in its Beijing office. Chairman Yu Baodong and CEO Zhou Gan attended the meeting and made important speeches.

     The meeting was chaired by Wang Wenjin, Vice President of Poly-GCL Petroleum Group. At the meeting, Chairman Yu Baodong and CEO Zhou Gan respectively briefed participants on the company’s current operating conditions. The speech pointed out that in the first half of this year, due to the pandemic and the global economic recession, the global natural gas market was severely affected, in this case, the company’s management has carried out a series of fruitful work, and all staff has made great efforts to overcome difficulties and promote the company’s development. It is hoped that company staff can have full confidence in the company, and exchange thoughts with the management more frequently for having better mutual understanding. It is believed that with joint efforts, the company will make great strides forward, steady and far, ushering in a comprehensive victory.

    Wang Wenjin said that the company respects and cares for every employee, the purpose of this staff meeting is to enable each employee have more understanding of the company’s development status quo, while listening to the voice of employees, and devoting group efforts to do a better job. Subsequently, employee representatives spoke one by one. They talked about feelings, ideas and make suggestions based on their past work practice. Wang Wenjin, after listening carefully to the representative’s speech, said that each one’s comment and suggestion is valued, and after the meeting the company will review these comments in order to improve the corresponding mechanism.

    The meeting atmosphere was relaxed, and staff representatives spoke out freely and actively. Everyone said that we would firmly stick to our posts, live up to the company’s expectations, and grow with the company.