Corporate Citizenship

GCL is committed to becoming a qualified corporate citizen. The company has issued the GCL Corporate Citizen Whitepaper, GCL Corporate Citizen Construction Guidelines and other relevant documents. In addition, the company has actively played its role as a social organization and integrated basic social values into daily business practices, operation and policies to influence the social environment display our social responsibility and build a relationship with the society.GCL has always emphasized good corporate governance and ethical values. The company is responsible for the interests of the shareholders as well as the environment and is actively contributing to the development of the society.

Our Green Commitment

We are involved in the power and photovoltaic business and have always abides by the guidelines of low carbon, emissions reduction and energy conservation. That is our promise to Mother Earth.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

We are responsible to our shareholders, investors, employees and customers, the industry, society and the future. We have always insisted on a business philosophy of equality, sincerity, sharing and mutual benefits. We aim to service our customers, care for our employees and create value for our shareholders, investors and the society.

Our Aspirations

We aspire to produce energy saving polycrystalline silicon products and provide solar power for the people of China. Through proprietary innovations, we explore the current and future energy issues that the world will face.

Our Community Activities

We are thankful for what we have achieved and would like to give back to the society. We have actively participated in various social, educational and other charity activities to fulfill our social responsibility and promote social harmony.

Our Green Actions

From cogeneration to integrated resource utilization to biomass and waste power generation to wind and solar power generation, our path of growth have led us towards sharing green energy with the world.

Our Respect for Society

GCL has continued to contribute to the society and Zhu Gongshan, Chairman of the company has been named as one of the Ten People That Will Change the Future of China.