In the endless wildness of Africa there erect rows of lofty derricks, under which there are a group of oil workers: regardless of wind, rain and sunburn, they stay in their position silently; regardless of sweat and mud, they never complain.

 “So far I have been stationed overseas for four years”. Wang Huadong looks black due to exposure to the weather year in and year out, but when it comes to his work he is excited and glowing.

As Deputy General Manager of GCL Overseas Oil & Gas Division, Wang Huadong is a veteran Party Member with a 17-year-old Party standing. The operation department which Wang Huadong is in the charge of is responsible for the organization and arrangement, production running, formulation and management of technical measures, material requirement planning and contractor management of jobs at the whole overseas oil & gas fields such as drilling rig, well drilling, drilling mud, well cementation, well repair, drilling test, acidification and waste disposal.

Well drilling is a kind of labor-intensive and technology-intensive job, involving in equipment safety, personnel security, construction safety, downhole safety, well control safety and environment safety. Safe operation is especially important. During the field drilling production for four years, Wang Huadong has encountered a lot of complex and unexpected situations.

Fight continuously for 18 hours.

At 5PM of March 5, 2017, Hilala7 Well 9 5/8” intermediate casing was in a complex block when it was lowered to 2,968m, only 33m far from the predetermined well depth. Wang Huadong, together with the supervisor at the field, have worked for 18 hours day and night, tried every means to dispose of the complexity, and at the end they successfully lowered the intermediate casing to the predetermined well depth, thus avoiding a serious accident.

A breath-taking 8 hours

At 3AM of February 2, 2018, a double rotary drilling tool of Calub-CH1 Well was stuck at 3,883m when drifting up the drill. After receiving the report from field supervisor, Wang Huadong thought it was a serious case. If not handled properly, it would result in a scrap of the well, and thus influencing the strategic planning of the whole company. So he hurried to the well site that very night and dealt with the problem with every possible way with his colleagues at the site. It lasted a breath-taking 8 hours and finally they successfully solved the problem and avoided major economic losses.

Wang Huadong told us: in fact, all Party Member assume their responsibilities in their jobs. They work carefully and thoughtfully, and they also have excellent skills, so they can guarantee the smooth running of the testing operation at the site. In the testing process of Calub-CH1 horizontal well, a veteran Party Member worked continuously for more than 30 hours, watching the well site closely to direct the tough job of testing steel wires and trying to solve various difficulties encountered, thus ensuring the high yield production (double 36/64 flow nipple) of 1.5 million cubic meters natural gas and 65 cubic meters gas condensate per day.

“The work that our department is responsible for is multiple, complicated and tough. Every job is concerned with the company’s benefit and strategic planning, so we should be careful enough to make success. Only by doing this can we deserve the company’s trust, thus making me feel it is a heavy responsibility.” Wang Huadong said.

Since Wang Huadong took the responsibility for the work of well drilling, he kept improving his working procedures and embodied the very responsibility that a Party Member shall shoulder. He displayed the value responsibility that each Party Member shall take with his own practical action.