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POLY-GCL Petroleum Group successfully produced the first barrel of crude oil in Ethiopia

  In the morning of June 28 (Eastern Africa time), the site of Ethiopian oil & gas field was featured by clear weather and flying flags, and a red banner reading “warmly celebrate the successful production of the first barrel of crude oil in Ethiopia” was hung high above the HILALA-6 well site, where the commissioning ceremony for the trial crude oil mining project in the charge of POLY-GCL Petroleum…

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POLY-GCL Petroleum Group Limited and CNPC Logging jointly establish the Logging Support Center

 On March 23, 2018, the Logging Support Center jointly established by POLY-GCL Petroleum Group Holdings Limited and CNPC Logging was formally inaugurated and founded. Liu Cheng (executive vice president of POLY-GCL Petroleum Group), Wang Zhaoming (chief geologist of POLY-GCL Petroleum Group), technicians of the Exploration Department and Development & Production Department of POLY-GCL Petroleum Group, Tang Tianzhi (chief engineer of CNPC Logging Company), Cai Zengze (manager of the International Business…

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Ethiopia re-announces a state of emergency

According to the reports made by Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) and other media, the Ethiopian Ministerial Conference (Cabinet) held an emergency meeting on February 16th, announcing the immediate entry of the country into the state of national emergency. In a statement, the Ethiopian Ministers’ Meeting stated that some areas of Ethiopia had witnessed the eruption of certain violent activities recently, which have undermined the constitutional order and endangered peace and…

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Chairman Zhu Hongshan meets with the Ethiopia president to jointly promote the incorporation of overseas oil & gas projects into Ethiopian national strategy

In the morning of January 17 (East Africa time), Zhu Gongshan (chairman of GCL Group), during his business trip to Ethiopia, visited Ethiopian President Murat Teshomei together with his delegation. The two sides implemented active negotiation on jointly promoting the “Ethiopia-Djibouti Oil & Gas” Project. Chairman Zhu Gongshan thanked President Murat for his high attention and cordial care to the project during its development. He said that GCL Group had…

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Overseas Oil & Gas Team and Djibouti Government sign a memorandum of understanding for the investment agreement on business issues

In the afternoon of November 15 (East Africa time), Yu Baodong (chairman of POLY-GCL Petroleum Group Holdings Limited ) and Yonis (Djibouti Energy minister) signed a memorandum of understanding for the investment agreement on business issues, with regard to core business guidelines for the cooperation between the two parties to build Djibouti pipelines and LNG plants. Nearly 100 people were present at the signing ceremony, including such important officials as…

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