On March 23, 2018, the Logging Support Center jointly established by POLY-GCL Petroleum Group Holdings Limited and CNPC Logging was formally inaugurated and founded. Liu Cheng (executive vice president of POLY-GCL Petroleum Group), Wang Zhaoming (chief geologist of POLY-GCL Petroleum Group), technicians of the Exploration Department and Development & Production Department of POLY-GCL Petroleum Group, Tang Tianzhi (chief engineer of CNPC Logging Company), Cai Zengze (manager of the International Business Division of CNPC Logging) and Li Changwen (secretary of International Business Division of CNPC Logging) attended the inauguration ceremony.

CNPC Logging is a specialized logging company affiliated to China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), mainly engaging in logging, mud logging, perforating, testing and other well completion technical services and technical consulting services of oil & gas fields at home and abroad. With integrated service capability involving such services as instrument and equipment manufacturing, application software development, petrophysical experiment, field operation and reservoir evaluation, the company can typically complete the logging of nearly 100,000 wells every year, making it rank No. 1 nationwide in terms of comprehensive logging capability. Besides, its international businesses have been expanded to 14 countries in the following four major cooperation zones: Central Asia & Russia, Southeast Asia & Australia, Middle East & North Africa, and South & North America. Since its involvement in the POLY-GCL Ethiopian Oil & Gas Project in 2014, CNPC Logging has provided such services as core physics experiments, logging data interpretation and evaluation and logging technology consulting for us, successfully completed various tasks, and supplied technical support for the exploration and development of Ethiopian oil & gas fields.

According to the progress of our oil & gas projects and the needs of relevant exploration and development work, the leaders of our company decided to establish the POLY-GCL Logging Support Center. In view of the strong technical strength of CNPC Logging and its great service supplied to our company in the past, the leaders of the both companies decided based on negotiation to jointly establish the POLY-GCL Logging Support Center.

Jointly established by POLY-GCL Petroleum Group Limited and CNPC Logging, the POLY-GCL Logging Support Center aims to provide logging-related support services for POLY-GCL oil & gas projects relying on the strong technical strength of CNPC Logging. The Logging Support Center is located in the International Business Division of CNPC Logging (Beijing).

During the inauguration ceremony, Liu Cheng, executive vice president of POLY-GCL Petroleum Group, firstly introduced the progress of the Ethiopian Oil & Gas Project and expressed his gratitude to CNPC Logging for its technical support. At present, the exploration of the Ethiopian Oil & Gas Project is fruitful, and all work is progressing in an orderly manner. CNPC Logging is a professional logging company with the strongest comprehensive strength in China, so we fully trust the technical capabilities of CNPC Logging. We hope that CNPC Logging will, relying on the platform of the Logging Support Center mentioned above, be more involved in the Ethiopian Oil & Gas Project, and provide more supports for POLY-GCL Petroleum Group Limited in such aspects as logging acquisition design, collection operation, interpretation & evaluation, experimental analysis and data storage.

Tang Xianzhi, chief engineer of CNPC Logging, firstly expressed gratitude to POLY-GCL Petroleum Group for its support to the company’s work. He hopes that the two companies can strengthen mutual communication and realize closer and wider cooperation to acquire greater achievements. CNPC Logging will develop great technologies and equipment to well serve POLY-GCL oil & gas projects. The two sides also unanimously agreed, relying on the Logging Support Center and in combination with the needs of oil & gas exploration and development in Ethiopia, to prepare and jointly study relevant subjects to well support the advancement of POLY-GCL oil & gas projects!