In the morning of January 17 (East Africa time), Zhu Gongshan (chairman of GCL Group), during his business trip to Ethiopia, visited Ethiopian President Murat Teshomei together with his delegation. The two sides implemented active negotiation on jointly promoting the “Ethiopia-Djibouti Oil & Gas” Project.

Chairman Zhu Gongshan thanked President Murat for his high attention and cordial care to the project during its development. He said that GCL Group had the confidence and capability to continuously promote the development of the entire industry chain of oil & gas projects in the context of raging reform of international energy. The project is the largest energy project in Ethiopia, and it is also a typical project to deepen the “Belt & Road” cooperation and capacity cooperation between China and Ethiopia. Chairman Zhu expressed his hope that Ethiopia could pay more attention to project development, have the project incorporated into the scope of Ethiopian national strategies, upgrade the field of policy support for the project, and support the implementation of the middle and long-term plan for the project, thus ultimately benefiting people of the both countries.

President Murat welcomed the arrival of the delegation and affirmed the professional performances of GCL Overseas Oil & Gas Team over the past few years. He believed that the GCL Oil & Gas Team kept promoting the project in a powerful and beneficial way and acquired considerable achievements. Acknowledging that the development of the project is in line with the national fundamental interests of Ethiopia, President Murat hopes that GCL can maintain its solid work style and continue to work hard on the strategic planning and implementation of the project. In view of the significant impact of the project in the cooperation between the governments of the two countries, the Ethiopian government will continue to firmly support the development of the project, maintain close communication with GCL team, actively advance the project into the scope of Ethiopian national development strategies, and comprehensively coordinate the cooperation between the both parties at a higher level.

Sha Hongqiu (vice chairman of GCL Group and chairman of Oil & Gas Group), Yu Baodong (vice president of GCL Group and executive president of Oil & Gas Group), Wang Feng (vice president of GCL Group and vice president of Oil & Gas Group), Li Wei (vice president of Oil & Gas Group), Liu Yujian (general representative of Poly Technology in Ethiopia), Yang Jie (president of China-Canada Fund under Export-Import Bank of China) and Han Ruixia (Risk Operation director) attended the meeting.