It was on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Ethiopia. On December 27th morning, Ethiopian Finance Minister Ahmed Shide and the Ethiopian Ambassador to China visited Poly- GCL Petroleum Group. Yu Baodong, Chairman of Poly- GCL Petroleum Group, received the minister and the delegation. The two parties exchanged views on steadily advancing the Ethiopia-Djibouti natural gas project and continuing to tap the development potential.

    Chairman Yu Baodong welcomed Ahmed Shide to visit Poly- GCL Petroleum Group and expressed his gratitude to the Ethiopian government and the Ministry of Finance for their consistent support. Chairman Yu Baodong pointed out that Ethiopia is a country with important influence in Africa. It plays a role as a bridge and link connecting Africa in the “Belt and Road” initiative. It is also one of the pilot model countries for China-Africa industry capacity cooperation. Currently, China and Ethiopia have close economic exchanges in energy and other fields. The Ethiopia-Djibouti natural gas project, as the largest energy project along the “Belt and Road” route in Africa, has been included in the “Belt and Road” project reserve pool by the National Development and Reform Commission, and listed by the National Energy Administration as ” A major energy project along the Belt and Road route, and was the first project funded by China-Africa Fund for Industrial Cooperation. Poly- GCL Petroleum Group is willing to join hands with Ethiopia to build this project as a model of “One Belt One Road” energy cooperation and China-Ethiopia industrial capacity cooperation. Taking the opportunity of advancing the construction of the “Belt and Road” initiative, we will comprehensively deepen cooperation in the energy field and promote win-win cooperation and common development. In the future, Poly- GCL Petroleum Group will continue to adhere to the basic principles of mutual benefit and win-win results, strengthen joint cooperation with central enterprises and financial institutions, and continuously improve the level of cooperation. Poly- GCL Petroleum Group takes natural gas development and utilization as its primary task, with broader and deeper comprehensive cooperation in integrating petroleum exploration and development, storage, transportation and processing, trade sales, and terminal utilization. While satisfying China’s natural gas demand, it will promote the circulation of capital, technology and professional talents to Africa, and comprehensively improve the local economic and social development level and people’s living standards. It is hoped that the Ethiopian government can give the project attention and support.

     Minister Ahmed Shide expressed his pleasure to be invited to visit Poly- GCL Petroleum Group. He emphasized that the Ethiopian government recognizes the extreme importance of this project to the economic and social development of Ethiopia. Mr. Minister fully affirmed the outstanding contribution made by the Poly-GCL Petroleum Group team to promote the efficient and sustainable development of the Ethiopia-Djibouti natural gas project. A large amount of money was invested into the project. It has comprehensively improved the local economic and social development level and the people’s living standards, and was given attention by the Prime Minister Abiy. The Ethiopian government will work with Poly-GCL Petroleum Group to promote project cooperation, development, and quickly achieve project production.

     H.E Admasu Nebebe, State Minister of the Ministry of Finance, Teshome Toga, Ethiopian Ambassador to China, Asaye Alemayehu, Minister’s Advisor, and management from Poly- GCL Petroleum Group including Vice President Zhou Gan, Huang Wei, Chief Geologist Wang Xiulin, and Director of Financing and Capital Management Center Liu Bin attended.