On November 16, 2013, Poly-GCL Petroleum Group Holding Co., Ltd. signed oil and gas product sharing agreements with the Ethiopian Ministry of Mines, taking the first step of the “Ethiopia-Djibouti Natural Gas” project.

    On November 16, 2019, Poly-GCL Petroleum Group celebrated its sixth birthday. After six years of overcoming all kinds of difficulties by a professional team members with the same goal, the strategic blueprint is slowly drawn, the talent structure is continuously optimized, the project business is continuously promoted, and the management skill is continuously improved. The company has gone through six years of extraordinary entrepreneurial innovation. .

    In order to celebrate this special day, on November 15th, the celebration activity for 6th anniversary of the Company with the theme of “Six years through storms and hardships, grateful to walk with you” was held in Poly-GCL Petroleum Group Beijing, Hong Kong, Ethiopia, Djibouti offices at the same time.

    On this occasion of celebration, Zhu Gongshan, Chairman of GCL Group, sent a congratulatory letter with appreciation and gratitude to all GCL staff who have worked hard and wisely for the construction of the Ethiopia-Djibouti LNG project for the past six years. He said that “while fully affirming the past achievements of Poly-GCL Petroleum Group, I hope that everyone can clearly see the problems and challenges the company is facing at this stage of development. We must be more confident, take measures, and work together to achieve the goals with the pioneering Ogaden spirit of enterprising and innovation, and do our best to do our work with full enthusiasm and high morale.” The six years of achievements are inseparable from the unremitting efforts and hard work of every employee of Poly-GCL Petroleum Group. Recognition and awarding are one of the main part of the celebration. 34 employees who have worked in the company for 5 years were awarded. Their representative shared his history of growth in the company.

    Yu Baodong, Chairman of Poly-GCL Petroleum Group, and President Chen Lei made speeches, thanking every employee for their contributions to the company, for their strong sense of responsibility and pioneering spirit in the past six years. They said “you have guarded GCL’s course with your life and sweat. The road of development for any enterprise cannot be smooth. We must have firm beliefs, gather strength, and meet challenges together with the company.”

    The sixth anniversary celebration was held together with the birthday party for employees born in November. The company invites all employees born in the same month as the company to share the joy. During the celebration, everyone shared the cake together in laughter and blessings. With “Happy Birthday” song in the background, the 6th anniversary celebration activity came to the end.

    Poly-GCL Petroleum Group has gone through six years. Taking this opportunity, the company would like to thank all employees who have supported the company’s development along the way. From the initial establishment of the company to the rapid development period, we have continued to integrate and innovate. We have made our own name with achievements in the industry. But we will not stop here, and the pioneering spirit will remain in the blood for working together to create a better future.