On February 12, 2020, Reheman Yimiti, General Manager of the Iraq Branch of PetroChina Xinjiang Petroleum Administration, Zuo Jianbo, Assistant General Manager, and Du Yang, a geological expert, visited the Ethiopian Branch of Poly-GCL Petroleum Group.

    On the basis of preliminary high-level talks between the two parties, a delegation from the Iraq Branch of the Xinjiang Petroleum Administration of PetroChina made a special trip to Ethiopia on February 8 to inspect the Ethiopia-Djibouti natural gas project of Poly-GCL Petroleum Group. After arriving in Ethiopia, the delegation rushed to Calub camp scene and conducted serious survey.

    Li Wei, general manager of the Ethiopian branch of Poly-GCL Petroleum Group, received the delegation on behalf of the company. During the meeting, Mr. Li Wei introduced the overall natural gas project in detail and exchanged views on issues of concern and cooperation between the two parties.

    Reheman Yimiti, general manager of the Iraq Branch of PetroChina Xinjiang Petroleum Administration Bureau, said that after the preliminary site survey of Poly-GCL Petroleum Group and through exchanges and discussions on the project, they had comprehensive understanding of the Ethiopia-Djibouti natural gas project. The Ethiopia-Djibouti natural gas project has abundant reserves, and they are very optimistic about the prospects of the project. In the past six years, Poly-GCL Petroleum Group has been committed to promoting the efficient and sustainable development of the project, and the overall project has been progressing steadily. Poly-GCL Petroleum Group attaches great importance to overseas security and production safety, creating a good production and living environment for overseas employees, ensuring the sustainable development of the project in a safe and stable operating environment.

    The two parties reached a preliminary agreement on the operation and management of the Ethiopia-Djibouti natural gas project by PetroChina Xinjiang Company. In order to promote further cooperation, the two parties also clarified the exchange of required relevant technical materials and cooperation agreement text templates. At the same time, the two parties stated that they would report to the top leaders of both parties respectively on the survey and related discussions, and plan to further discuss and sign related agreements after the pandemic is over.

    PetroChina Xinjiang Oilfield Company was selected by CNPC as the support unit for the Iraqi Ahdeb project in March 2012. Its subsidiary Iraq Branch of Petroleum Administration undertook the investment of the first post-war oil cooperation project AHDEB oil field in Iraq in 2011 to provide operation, maintenance and management. After the project was successfully put into production, it is still undertaking businesses related with oil and gas exploration and development, production, operations and engineering services in Iraq.