On April 16, the second batch of medical and anti-epidemic materials purchased by Poly-GCL Petroleum Group from China arrived at Ethiopian Branch Company. This batch of materials included 1,850 disposable medical masks, 110 N95 masks, 300 pairs of disposable medical gloves, and 5 thermometers and various anti-epidemic medicines, which provided strong material backup for employees who held post at the front line in Ethiopia.

     Recently, overseas pandemic situation has become increasingly severe, making epidemic prevention more difficult. While the COVID-19 pandemic continued to impact Ethiopia, cholera epidemics broke out in many places within the country, and the safety of employees stationed abroad is the primary concern of the people in motherland.

     For overseas companies, especially in Africa where supplies are relatively scarce, the prevention and control of the epidemic has indeed caused certain difficulties for Chinese companies. The leaders of Poly-GCL Petroleum Group are highly concerned about the lives and safety of overseas employees. After the outbreak, the company leaders quickly deployed the Beijing office to purchase epidemic prevention materials overseas. The company did its best and raced against the clock to purchase these precious batches in just a few days. Anti-epidemic materials were quickly shipped to Ethiopia.

     In order to protect the safety and physical health of its employees abroad, Poly-GCL Petroleum Group actively urged the Ethiopia branch to take practical measures to establish an epidemic prevention and control support policy, and prevention and control system as soon as possible, and quickly adopted a series of measures:

     First, the company will make overall arrangements in terms of the number of personnel to Ethiopia, and communicate with the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia in a timely manner to ensure the safety of personnel returning to work.

     The second is to adopt strict isolation measures. After arriving in Ethiopia, the dispatched personnel will isolate themselves in the dormitory for 14 days before going to the office.

     The third is to actively use modern communication technology to prevent personnel gathering in office, and the company will adopt a rotation system when arranging staff work.

     The fourth is to strengthen the health monitoring of the dispatched personnel, to confirm the daily activity trajectory and physical condition of the overseas personnel, to ensure that the signs are dealt with promptly, and to ensure the safety of the overseas personnel.

     Fifth, complete disinfection of office premises, dormitories and kitchens, strengthen the supervision of source and quality control of raw materials for food, and protect employees’ health and living environment.

     In the face of the pandemic, Poly-GCL Petroleum Group will be the most solid backing for every employee abroad. It is believed that with the active efforts of overseas employees and the support of domestic employees, we will be able to overcome the difficulties and win this battle against the epidemic.