On the afternoon of July 8, Poly-GCL Petroleum Group Holding Co., Ltd. organized all employees to carry out a special study on the ” Exploratory Trial of Xi Jinping’s New Strategy of Energy Security in Zhejiang Province”.

    The meeting comprehensively sorted out the accurate meaning of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s new energy security strategy “Four Revolutions, One Cooperation”, and conveyed the core essence of the group company’s “GCL Green Development based on Xi Jinping’s New Energy Security Strategy” and requested all employees of the Poly-GCL Petroleum Group have thoroughly studied and understood the important guiding significance of the new energy security strategy for the integrated construction of the natural gas industry, and fully implemented the strategic spirit in various business practices.

    The meeting pointed out that the new energy security strategy comprehensively and scientifically summarized the world and my country’s energy reform and development situation, and pointed out the mission, direction, objectives and strategic measures to enhance the capabilities for ensuring energy security, clear barriers to high-quality energy development, and accelerate building “Beautiful China”. It is the basic rule for promoting the innovation and development of energy industry in China at a new starting point. Poly-GCL Petroleum Group will fully understand the “four revolutions and one cooperation” concept and put it into action through promoting international cooperation for GCL Natural Gas Group with achievements for the new strategy of energy security. The Company will first take the responsibility as a clean energy company to develop “Ethiopia-Djibouti natural gas project” as the basis for expanding natural gas supply channels and for contributing to energy security. The Company will also effectively use domestic and international resources under the framework of China-Africa joint construction of the “Belt and Road” to build a model of mutually beneficial and win-win natural gas international cooperation between China, Ethiopia and Djibouti. Third, as GCL Natural Gas Company continues to develop locally, it will be able to help generate foreign currency income for host countries and build a China-Africa community of shared future.

    Chen Lei, President of Poly-GCL Petroleum Group chaired the meeting.