In the evening of April 1, Ethiopian time, the Ethiopian branch of Poly-GCL Petroleum Group held a security plan promotion and training meeting during the epidemic, and all employees of the Ethiopian branch participated in the training.

     Recently, overseas pandemic situation has become increasingly severe, making epidemic prevention more difficult. In Ethiopia, While the COVID-19 pandemic continued to impact Ethiopia, cholera epidemics broke out in many places within the country due to poor sanitary conditions and lack of medicines, and the safety of employees stationed abroad is the primary concern of the company leaders.

     In order to implement the various work arrangements of the Company for epidemic prevention and control, the resumption of overseas projects in an orderly manner, and to ensure the physical and mental health of employees, Poly-GCL Petroleum Group invited Dewe International Security Group’s security officers to use their free time after work to do publicity and training of security plans for Ethiopian office employees during the epidemic.

     Before the start of the training, Li Wei, general manager of the Ethiopian branch of the Company, announced the company’s measures in response to the current situation of the Ethiopian epidemic, and conveyed the company’s leaders’ care and concern to employees stationed abroad.

     During the training, the instructor explained in detail how to conduct security protection and how to strengthen security deployment during the epidemic. It is hoped that employees will take the pandemic seriously and fully understand it, and strengthen their self-protection awareness. At the end of the training, the instructor discussed and exchanged with employees on how to deal with various emergencies that may be encountered overseas, and demonstrated to employees how to properly use mobile sound and light remote control alarms, satellite phones, walkie-talkies and other security equipment.

     This training improved everyone’s ability to prevent epidemics and employees’ personal safety awareness. Poly-GCL Petroleum Group will make every effort to create a working and living environment that allows overseas employees to feel at ease, to ensure the safety and health of employees, and to support the project to move forward.