On the afternoon of June 1, GCL Natural Gas Group held its first leadership meeting. The meeting was chaired by Wang Lin, chairman of GCL Natural Gas Group, and attended by all senior management of the company.

     Wang Lin said that GCL Natural Gas Group will integrate resources and technology of overseas natural gas company, domestic natural gas company and Xishang Company, to take complementary advantages of enterprises and realize rational use of resources, promote asset appreciation, and achieve win-win results. The company is positioned to be a clean energy enterprise with mixed ownership in exploration and development, storage and transportation processing, trade sales, terminal utilization business. For the next step, the company will work on industrial planning, clarifying working mechanism, building the approval process, integrating resources and optimizing staff structure, so as to push projects forward as much as possible.

     At the meeting, the heads of each business segment reported on the status quo of the sub-section, development planning, and the second half of the key work plan, the step forward, and make full exchanges on how to jointly promote industrial development.

     According to GCL Group’s natural gas industry development plan, in order to sort out the group’s internal and external strategic cooperation in natural gas industry, promote natural gas upstream and downstream business develop coordinately, integrate resources, GCL Group integrated GCL overseas and domestic natural gas business, and invited Xishang Group to jointly establish GCL Natural Gas Group, with a view to realize high quality development for GCL Group.

    GCL Natural Gas Group was officially established on May 31, with the principle of streamlining institutions, efficient management, capital unity, industrial chain coordination, and the mission to grow in natural gas industry.

    The convening of this meeting marks the official start of the GCL Natural Gas Group. As an important measure of deploying the Group’s strategy, it unified the ideas of all parties, raised awareness, and cleared the next stage goals. The meeting laid the foundation for determining the future direction of the company and promoting its sustained and healthy development.

    Yu Baodong, Vice Chairman of GCL Natural Gas Group, President Zhou Gan, Chief Executive Officer Wang Wei, Finance Director Huang Wei, Vice President Wang Jianwen, Li Wei, Wang Xiaofeng, Zheng Fang, Wang Wenjin and others attended the meeting.