As of May, enterprises in Beijing have resumed work and production for nearly three months. At present, the domestic epidemic has been effectively controlled. The progress of resuming work and reaching production is accelerating day by day, and production and life is being restored in an orderly manner.

     In order to strictly implement the overall requirements of preventing and controlling the COVID-19 epidemic, and to shoulder social responsibilities, while comprehensively considering the Beijing epidemic prevention and control deployment and the specific conditions of the company’s office building environment, Poly-GCL Petroleum Group resumed on-site work on February 17.

     At present, the prevention and control of the pandemic is the most important part of the company after the resumption of work. In the face of the severe epidemic situation, Poly-GCL Petroleum Group always puts the safety and health of employees first, and does its best to protect employees. On the other hand, multiple measures have been taken to ensure the safe return of personnel to work to promote the orderly resumption of work.

     Before the on-site work was resumed, the company’s early-stage epidemic prevention work had begun. Poly-GCL Petroleum Group conducted a comprehensive investigation of the Spring Festival itinerary, personnel contact, health status, and the number of personnel available on site. After work resumption, the company will do its best to guarantee the supply of epidemic prevention materials, to distribute masks and hand sanitizers to employees, to keep windows open for ventilation in the office area, and to conduct comprehensive disinfection regularly every day. The company strengthened the promotion and guidance of epidemic prevention and control, daily education of employees to follow office instructions on protective measures like avoiding gathering and intensive meetings. The company makes every effort to restore the normal production and operation of the enterprise with scientific prevention measures.

     At present, the company is running normally and in order. The whole staff will work together to fight the epidemic, and work hard to promote production.