September 28, The 2020 China’s Top 500 Enterprises List was officially released in Zhengzhou, Henan. As a representative of the new energy industry, GCL Group continues to take the lead in the new energy and clean energy industries of the 2020 Top 500 Chinese Enterprises, ranking 213th among the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises and 24th among the Top 100 Chinese Strategic Emerging Industry Leaders. At the same time, it entered the 2020 China’s Top 100 Multinational Companies Ranking for the first time, ranking 72nd in the Multinational Index; ranking 87th among the top 500 Chinese manufacturing companies.

“Under the multiple backgrounds of stabilizing the ownership structure, the main indicators of the top 500 state-owned enterprises, and the sluggish world economic growth, intensifying international economic and trade frictions, accelerating industrial reforms, and increasing financial leverage, the GCL 500 indicators have changed from the increase in volume into a qualitative improvement, which has played a good leading role in the transformation of kinetic energy of private enterprises.” Gao Rui, a member of the expert group of the 《2020 China Top 500 Enterprise Development Report》, believes that GCL Group is cultivating new opportunities and the innovative practice of opening a new game in the changing game has strong research value for the subject.

During the update cycle of the 2020 Top 500 Chinese Enterprises list, GCL Group sticked to the established strategic roadmap of “Technology Upgrading, Focus on Innovation, Structural Adjustment, and Mixed Development”, sticked to the external mixed reform, internal share reform, and create a green energy industry hybrid. Business entity: Decrease to increase, retreat from two to three, and move towards the higher end of the value chain of the industrial chain. In particular, focusing on energy technology and increasing the intensity of scientific research. Last year, 222 new patents and 72 invention patents were added. The quality is at the forefront of the industry; 49 new trademark applications, 22 software works, 163 papers published, leading and participating compiled 24 international national standards; wrote and shared 10 new technology patent search analysis reports; received 113 government scientific and technological policy support, won 76 national, provincial and municipal related scientific and technological honors, and a number of national and provincial scientific and technological projects, the scientific research platform was established; 558 annual scientific and technological projects were implemented, 34 outstanding scientific and technological achievements were produced internally, and a series of “new kinetic energy” and “black technology” advantages were highlighted:

——Achieved the breakthrough in the production of polysilicon for melting in the domestic area, and enter the advanced ranks of the highest-end subdivided products of international electronic grade polysilicon; Mastering the key technologies for long-term stable operation of granular silicon, and some product indicators reach the electronic level; Based on the certification of the the most authoritative third-party certification organization, the perovskite stacking technology is expected to make the module efficiency exceed 30%.

——Accomplished the technology and equipment energy level that can independently produce 10,000 tons of silane special gas, providing protection for the import and substitution of key raw material electronic special gas in the semiconductor industry with a foreign dependence of more than 80%, and participating in solving the restrictions on the accuracy of China’s integrated circuits and devices and chips research on performance issues and other topics; obtained 1481 semiconductor-related patents, which effectively filled the gap in China, and mastered the technical conditions of 12-inch semiconductor-level perfect crystal technology. After Hemlock in the United States and Wacker in Germany, it has become the world’s third largest semiconductor material manufacturer with complete industries and technologies for semiconductor-grade silicon materials, 12-inch large silicon wafers, large wafers, and 5G energy.

——Completed breakthroughs in core technologies in the fields of energy storage, power polarization, micro-energy grid and platform technology development and application, and 5G integration. Implemented the “New Infrastructure · New Energy Partner” innovation plan, and launched 5G base stations + energy storage, UHV + new energy bases, new energy vehicle charging piles + energy micro-grid, energy through joint research and development, industry alliances, fund building, etc. A series of new infrastructure energy technology innovation technologies and collaborative solutions, such as big data centers, artificial intelligence, and industrial Internet, have been favored by governments in many places. Digital transformation and energy upgrades promote the integration of industry and city, the construction of smart brain headquarters bases, and local state-owned assets. GCL Technology and other models have seized the historic opportunities of the new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, integrated into the pace of economic “green recovery”, and realized the transformation of the enterprise.

Under the influence of external factors such as difficult and expensive financing for private enterprises, industrial deleveraging, the implementation of new asset regulations, and industry policy adjustments, GCL Group actively seeks changes under the guidance of a series of national policies supporting the development of the private economy. Take a multi-pronged approach, introduce state-owned assets to lead the mixed reform to improve governance structure; cooperate with central enterprises in asset management and equity initiation to significantly reduce the asset-liability ratio; plan for fixed capital operations to improve the level of capital management; obtain access to governments and financial institutions at all levels Institutional support, stock incremental financing was broadened and supported. At the industrial management level, “independent operation and chain dance” are walking on two legs, and the four dimensions of “industrial foundation, industrial structure, industrial value, and industrial chain level” are simultaneously improved, and the corporate structure is increasingly optimized.

Source: Official Website of GCL Group