In July 2014, POLY-GCL Petroleum Group Holdings Limited dispatched Chinese personnel to take over the site of oil field Calub in Somali Region of Ethiopia completely, and successively completed the construction of the main camp on the site of oil field Calub, access road and airport as well as 2D field geophysical prospecting, 3D geophysical prospecting and drilling of several wells successively.

The management of POLY-GCL the company paid high attention to the security work and established a complete security system together with such local security departments as including government forces and local policemen. The development of the project has driven economic growth and obtained support from local government. Meanwhile, the company has been making efforts to set up a good image of Chinese enterprises and facilitate the establishment of good relationship with local communities. Field work of the project was approved by local residents. From the start-up of the project up to now, with the assistance and guidance of the embassy and the full support of Ethiopian government and forces, as well as the efforts made by all staff, the record of zero accidents in terms of personnel, property and natural disaster is achieved and maintained.