Vision & Mission

GCL Vision

To be internationally recognized as an environmentally responsible clean energy enterprise

  • We earn respect from our employees through people-oriented management and the sense of pride and satisfaction our social status provides.

  • We earn respect from our partners through our business development philosophy of equality, integrity, sharing and mutual benefits.

  • We earn respect from the community through due to our involvement in industries that affect people's livelihoods, our devotion to environmental protection, our contribution to regional economic development and our excellent corporate social responsibility.

  • We earn respect from the industries we are involved in through our healthy and rapid growth, our outstanding business performance and our philosophy of harmonious competition.

GCL Mission

To continuously provide high-quality clean energy and services for a better living environment

  • Our mission is our responsibility.

  • Our vision is our ideology and the long-term target for our business.

  • Our business fundamentally promotes the establishment of an ecological civilization to create a sustainable and green world for our future generations.

  • Our employees contribute to the greater cause each day and play an important role in shaping our future.

GCL Sun Charity Foundation

Since its establishment, GCL Group has never stopped in its philanthropy efforts. Despite in one of the most difficult periods of the global economy, we did not lower our budget for corporate social responsibility because we believe that GCL is crucial to the sustainability development of humanity. GCL will continue to grow with our society.

Chairman of GCL Group Founder and Honorary Chairman of GCL Sun Charity Foundation Zhu Gongshan