GCL Power Group Limited

GCL System Integration

GCL System Integration Technology Co. Ltd (002506.SZ) has dedicated itself to becoming a worldwide leader as the one-stop comprehensive service provider of smart energy. The company was established on the foundation of technology research and development and with the support of design optimization. With the support of financial service and operation and maintenance service, GCL operates as the carrier of system integration. As an integrated provider of “design + product + service + finance + operation/maintenance,” GCL Integration intends to construct a unique leading commercial model.


GCL Integration emphasizes investment in technological research and development as well as the establishment of a professional system design team. The company provides optimized technological design service for photovoltaic power generation system of different regions, types, and scales. Furthermore, using a well-developed management of industry supplier chain, GCL Integration is capable of offering the best optimized system solutions suited to the requirements of its clients. Leveraging both technological and applied innovation, as well as with integrated system of unique ultra-efficient components, the company’s photovoltaic power station is able to run for over 25 years while maintaining high levels of quality and efficiency, fully meeting the demand for sustained, stable operation. GCL Integration also actively promotes application and innovation in its combination of photovoltaic energy and finance.


Through its financial business, which includes finance leasing, insurance and fund management, GCL Integration drives the rapid development of integrated services.