GCL Power Group Limited

GCL Power


To be China’s most influential and competitive green energy developer and operator.

Overall Developmental Strategy

In the next five to ten years, GCL Power will actively develop high-efficiency green thermoelectric power and renewable energy projects, gradually nurture regional energy centers and distributed power projects, and steadily promote overseas power projects. The company will achieve future growth through a good understanding of international power demand and the adjustment trend of China’s energy structure. In addition, GCL Power will create sustainable core competitiveness to maximize stakeholder value.

Cooperative Development Strategy

Cooperation, Win-Win, Reciprocity, Mutual Benefit

With a focus on coordination and cooperation between the different business segments of the group and leveraging on the industrial, regional and resource advantages of GCL’s other business segments, the company will create a uniform brand and corporate culture, develop cooperative power projects and share management experiences. GCL Power has established joint development projects with major industries, developers and customers from down- and upstream of the photovoltaic, new energy, natural gas and property industries to create a cluster effect and lower development and operating costs of projects.


Differentiating Competitive Strategy


With years of experience in power company operation and management, we can lower project construction costs, reduce construction periods and constantly enhance management methods through design optimization and stringent cost controls to increase the business performance of projects.

Regional strengths——Leveraging on regional resources, we have extended our network from Jiangsu to the rest of the world to reach out to the power markets of economically developed areas that lack power resources such as the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Bohai Economic Rim.

Systemic strengths——Decisive investment strategies based on industrial environment and market conditions to seize investment opportunities.