GCL System Integration Technology Co., Ltd

Smart Commute

GCL smart commute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “GCL SC”) is an operator of smart transportation and smart city services under Golden Concord Holdings Limited. The company strives to build a smart connected vehicle platform that provides the general public with a comprehensive mobility solution, integrating vehicles, charging piles, as well as the network. Electric cars are combined with energy storage, micro-energy networks, multimedia and Internet technology to achieve electric power replacement, vehicle and network integration, electricity charging and storage integration, information and electronic system integration, shared services, and smart scheduling in order to enhance the intelligentization of urban mobility and ensure smooth traffic flow to the last kilometer.


GCL Smart Transportation’s electric vehicle smart micro transportation platform utilizes energy storage technologies to lower electricity charging costs and improve urban energy supply. Meanwhile, the platform is able to turn charging piles into mobile network stations to achieve Wi-Fi coverage, provide smart streetlight solutions, effectively enhance the comprehensive intelligence of urban infrastructure, address the conflicts between urban development and environmental protection, resources and space, satisfy multi-tiered needs, and improve residents’ satisfaction and each city’s overall competitiveness.