Introduction to Xinxin Semiconductor

The integrated circuit industry is a strategic, basic and leading industry that supports economic and social development, as well as the upgrading of the country’s manufacturing sector. It is an important foundation for national information technology security and a strategic commanding point for a new round of global economic and technological competition.

Xinxin Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinxin Semiconductor) relies on the world’s leading silicon material production technology, experience and talent reserve, focusing on the development and manufacture of IC silicon materials and related equipment and products, and is committed to boosting the healthy development of China’s IC industry. Since 2015, Xinxin Semiconductor has established R&D bases and supporting industries for polysilicon, crystal growth and wafers for IC in Xuzhou, with the support of the National IC Industry Investment Fund and other institutions.

At present, Xinxin Semiconductor has taken the lead in building the first 5,000-ton electronic-grade polysilicon production line in China, realizing large-scale independent production, filling in relevant domestic technology gaps. The indicators of electronic grade polysilicon are comprehensively comparable to the level of international first-class manufacturers. At present, the product have passed customer verification and formed large-scale sales.

Relying on the R&D and Innovation Centers in China and the United States, Xinxin Semiconductor has established a core team of experts from the United States, Germany, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan and other countries and regions, and has mastered more than 1,500 core technology patents. On this basis, Xinxin Semiconductor actively lays out the crystal growth and wafer industry. Through the introduction of digestion and independent innovation, the company has mastered the two technical routes of soft shaft and hard shaft, and can realize independent research and development, design and manufacture of furnace body, thermal field and control system.


Helping the “China Chips” to flourish is a powerful driving force for Xinxin Semiconductor to build a world-class semiconductor material platform. Xinxin Semiconductor is determined to become a leading semiconductor material company with complete independent controllable technology and intellectual property rights in China, breaking the monopoly of the industry and accelerating the formation of a sound semiconductor industry chain, thus promoting the healthy development of China’s semiconductor industry and enhancing the international competition of the whole industry.