GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Limited

Research Bases & Teams

Suzhou GCL-Poly Industrial Application Research Institute

R&D Center of Richland in the United States

Xuzhou Polysilicon R&D Centre

Xuzhou Wafer R&D Centre

GCL Software Control Equipment R&D Centre

Solar Energy Materials R&D Centre

Research Teams

The scientific research team of GCL-Poly possesses the world’s most outstanding PV experts and scholars, forming a three-tier echelon of technical talents: Chinese and foreign experts acting as the science and technology leaders, young scholars with a profound background of overseas study as the backbone and graduates of doctorate and master’s degrees from prestigious universities as the reserve forces. GCL-Poly will continue to attract top talents around the world and is committed to building up a world-class research and development team. It attaches great importance to the introduction and training of various R&D staff and will establish a broad platform for the development of the R&D staff.

Technical Achievements

GCL-Poly has applied for more than 200 patents of invention and new application model, of which more than 150 patents are authorised, involving the polysilicon production method, monocrystalline polysilicon growth equipment, wafer slicing processes as well as system integration, etc.

The authorization of many core patents of invention has provided strong support for protecting GCL’s independent intellectual property rights.

Scientific and Technological Exchanges

GCL-Poly has established and maintained long-term stable cooperating relationship with international and domestic top-tier universities as well as research institutes. GCL-Poly has always been very active in technological innovation through extensive exchanges and cooperation.

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