GCL Power Group Limited

Regional Energy Centers

As a pioneer in China’s regional energy sector, GCL Power’s regional energy centers do not just focus on providing energy, but on catering and adjusting natural gas, wind, solar, ground heat, water heat and other energy sources based on customer demands and local conditions. From the supply and demand perspective, energy station integration technology not only provides effective coordination for distributed and consolidated supply and demand, but also facilitates energy deployment between multiple energy stations. At the same time, regional energy centers utilize smart controls and cloud computing technology to ensure smart energy implementation that promotes interaction between supply and demand, orderly configuration and high savings and efficiency to achieve maximum performance.


Gas Turbine Thermal Power


Natural gas is a globally recognized clean energy. The use of natural gas to generate power emits no dust, generates significantly less greenhouse gases compared to coal power, does not produce any solid waste, has low water consumption and is beneficial to the environment. GCL Power has introduced natural gas power generation to many high standard industrial parks. Currently, the company has a total installed gas turbine thermal power capacity of 870 MW. In the future, the company will develop E, F and H class gas-steam combined cycled units and construct regional energy supply and demand centers to reach a total installed natural gas capacity of over 16,000 MW by 2018.


Distributed Energy


With regional and building distributed energy as the core, GCL Power has energy from sources such as solar, wind, biomass and geothermal to form a “six-in-one” energy supply model that integrates numerous renewable energy utilization technologies. Through smart control and energy storage systems, the company has integrated different forms of green energy together in an organic manner to provide integrated energy security to customers and increase energy utilization efficiency. GCL Power provides thermal and electric power for industrial parks located in economically developed areas such as Suzhou, Wuxi, Nanjing, Guangzhou and Beijing, and has improved the atmospheric environment. Currently, the Beijing project has achieved a multi-supply system featuring steam, hot water, cooling and power generation through equipment modification. The total installing and installed capacity that is about to be put into operation is 1,000 MW.


Large Gas Turbine


Through the layout of LNG terminals and coastal gas pipeline planning, GCL Power has achieved synergy with GCL’s gas industry segment, supporting the construction of large natural gas generation units with capacity of 500 MW or above. Large natural gas power generation is in line with the future development trends of clean energy. The need for energy savings and emission reduction will be the long-term drive for large gas power generation.