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《GCL Corporate Brochure》

Looking back, GCL's presence can be seen in every corner of life.From major events such as the Beijing Olympics, Shanghai World Expo and resolving the Shanghai power shortage to smaller things like life’s everyday necessities... GCL has created a large green network for modern life, using stable and efficient clean energy to continue to improve our environment.


GCLers aims to face the ordinary staff working in GCL, publishing the news, sharing the views, recording the events and reporting on every aspect of GCL people in work and life. It is more focused on life in GCL and most well-known newspaper in GCL.


GCL is more technical or of high standard, mainly sharing some new concepts and theory in industry or management from the GCLers. The topics can be but not limited to: management discussions, technology concepts, research discoveries or angles, market monitor, industry report and etc