PV Poverty Alleviation

PV-powered poverty alleviation is one of the ten major projects determined by the central government of China for implementing targeted poverty reduction and alleviation measures. As the pioneer of the clean energy development campaign, GCL New Energy actively follows the policy on “targeted poverty reduction and alleviation”. It has built PV-powered poverty alleviation power stations ranking first of all such stations in China, aiding a total of 37,935 poor families, and is committed to working on poverty alleviation for 20 years with a budget of RMB2.07 billion yuan. GCL seeks to invigorate beautiful rural areas by means of the green energy industry, benefit local residents through PV-powered poverty alleviation, and make contributions to building a “beautiful China”.


In 2016, GCL New Energy was approved to carry out PV projects for poverty alleviation with a total capacity of 250MW, ranking first amongst the over 70 Chinese PV power generation companies. Before June 30, 2017, all of the projects had been connected to the grid. Meanwhile, GCL New Energy has built provincial PV-powered poverty alleviation power stations with a total capacity of 548MW. In addition, GCL New Energy will complete its 492MW PV-powered poverty alleviation power station project before June 30, 2018. At that time, GCL New Energy will reach a total generating capacity of 1,290MW for these stations, taking another step in solidifying its position at the top of the industry.


When making plans on PV-powered poverty alleviation, GCL New Energy, on the basis of local economic industries, designs power stations in a scientific way and applies advanced technologies, adjusts measures to local conditions, adopts a symbiotic relationship between PV power and the agriculture industry for most PV-powered poverty alleviation projects, so as to achieve agricultural transformation and economic development in rural areas.

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