POLY-GCL Petroleum Group Holdings Limited

Cloud Platform

Cloud platform based on Internet of things

Oil to Gas Vehicle Conversion

Compared to car diesel, the use of liquefied natural gas as an excellent car fuel can provide advantages, such as a high octane number, good antiknock performance and long engine life. The fuel has outstanding economic and environmental performance. GCL has worked with domestic and foreign organizations to develop and create electronically controlled injection systems to promote the modification and sale of cars and vessels using clean energy.

Refueling Stations

To promote clean transportation energy and develop a green supply chain, GCL Group has tapped into its considerable data, financial and logistical resources to create green power commercial cloud platform and achieve an organic integration of people, vehicles, natural gas, logistics and network. GCL has integrated industry resources and constructed a refueling station alliance to create fixed refueling stations on roads and in river channels for natural gas cars and vessels. In addition, the company has installed mobile container refueling stations at logistic parks, railway stations, ports and large mines to provide convenient refueling services. The platform provides companies of the refueling station alliance current gas resources at excellent prices as well as a clean energy car and vessel modification, sale and financial and insurance product combinations. Through the consolidation of large car and refueling resources, car and vessel owners can access information on the refueling network in real time through mobile terminals and select the most convenient station and perform gas procurement on the platform to ensure an interactive and smart process.