GCL Power Group Limited

High-Efficiency Green Thermoelectric Power

As a practitioner of green thermoelectric power in China, GCL Power has adopted an intensive development model and advanced supercritical and ultra-supercritical technologies in the development of heating units of 300 MW or higher and large high-efficiency units of 1,000 MW or higher. These units, which can significantly increase thermoelectric power supply efficiency, are gradually used to replace small thermoelectric power units and are in line with the development trend of the industry as well as China’s policies.

At the same time, GCL Power will also expand its business network in places that are rich in coal resources and capable of export, such as Shanxi, Guizhou, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, and areas with high power loads, such as the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Bohai Economic Rim.


Large-scale thermoelectric power: GCL Power has worked with China Power Investment Group, Shanxi Lu’an Group, Hebei Kailuan Group, Guizhou Panjiang Group, Xinjiang Xinyou and Jilin Haoyu in the preliminary work for high-efficiency coal-fired power projects, such as the China Power Investment Binhai GCL 2 x 1,000 MW Project, Xinjiang Guoxin 2 x 660 MW Project, Xinjiang Xinyou 2 x 660 MW Project, Panjiang Group 6 x 660 MW, and Shanxi Changzhi 3 x 1,000 MW Project. These projects will be approved and begin construction in the near future.


GCL Power will seize the development opportunity offered by China’s “Western Power for the East” and “Northern Power for the South” policies and plan for nine major coal-fired power plants to continue investment and development in accordance with the trends of the industry. Leveraging on GCL’s advanced management philosophy and operating mechanism, the company has insisted on constant improvement of energy efficiency and maximum realization of ultra-low emissions to ensure that the main indicators, such as SO2, NOx and dust, of large-scale thermoelectric power projects are within the emission standards. In the process, the company is able to achieve comparable results against similar companies and stay at the forefront of its industry, helping it maintain a leadership position.