Interested Party

GCL has integrated basic social values with our daily business practice, operation and policies and taken them as the basic way of act. We believe that the success of GCL is closely bound up with the health and welfare of the society. So we would always take full account of the company’s influence on all interested parties, including shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers, environment and public interests and etc.

Shareholder Relations

GCL respects the personal wishes of every shareholder and protects the interests of all shareholders. Shareholders are the owner of the enterprise and have the full right to know and make decisions. It is the responsibility and duty of GCL to maintain and increase the values of shareholders’ assets.


GCL has attached great importance to the interests of shareholders and would report to and communicate with them in time, show respect to their decisions concerning the operation, investment direction, product and service of the company and satisfy their demands on the transparency of the financial materials, rules and regulations of the company.


We cherish every cent of the capitals and have done our utmost to make the most of the capitals to establish sound corporate governance structure and strengthen the internal control of the company. We also pay close attention to financial monitoring and risk management and uphold the operation culture for the maximum interests of shareholders. We also establish target control system based on “the code of conduct for managers, letter of authorization for managers and performance-oriented performance assessment” to promote the continuous growth of enterprise values.


Employee Relations

Employees are the most valuable assets of GCL. The development and success of GCL are all attributed to its employees. We have been adhering to the people-oriented values and upholding management philosophies that are based on moral values, business concepts, justice ideas and outlook on values to fully mobilize the initiative and potentials of every employee and maximize their personal values along with the development of the company. The cultivation of talents is the primary industry of GCL and the best investment of the enterprise shall come to the education and training of employees and the increment of manpower capital should precede that of financial capital.


GCL also pays close attention to the welfare and safety plan and strives to create a fair salary system and equal job opportunities for all employees and opposes any form of discrimination to care about the life and work of employees in an all-round manner during its development course.

Supplier Relations

GCL respects its partners and treats every supplier on an equal footing in hopes of joining hands with suppliers to promote the advancement of the industry together through long-term and stable cooperation. We adhere to high-standard moral requirements on suppliers and promise to create an environment for fair play. We also make efforts to improve relevant rules and procedures to ensure the cooperation between both parties to provide high-quality products and services for the society together.

Product, Service and Market

We uphold the service philosophy of equality, honesty, sharing and mutual benefit and offer warm and considerate service to win the trust and support of customers. The customer satisfaction is the source of our values.


We adhere to honest operation and strictly prohibit fraudulent conduct to ensure the up-to-standard quality of our product and service and strive to surpass the average level of the industry and go beyond user expectations with higher-quality, more environment-friendly, more energy-saving and more human-oriented products and services.


We try our best to respect and make good use of the opinions of customers. The standard of our service is subject to the satisfaction of customers. 100% devotion makes the 100% satisfaction.

Environmental Protection

We always take the protection of ecological environment as our own duty. From coal-fired cogeneration to gas-fired cogeneration, then to the integrated use of resources, biomass generation and garbage power, wind power generation and PV generation, we have put into practice the idea of “Bring green power to life”.


Subsidiaries under GCL Group are required to attach great importance to the protection of environment in their production. “Environmental protection responsibility” is the mandatory requirement for enterprises. They must take the responsibility for environmental protection, including the reduction of pollutant emission, waste recycling and energy conservation. We have reduced the emission of waster by reclaiming byproducts in production and disposed of all waste water and gas through fine management, scientific and technological research and development and many other ways to ensure that the emission is up to national standards.


As regards the environmental protection for the public interests, GCL has tried its best to subsidize environmental protection activities and organizations to reduce energy consumption, combat climate change and protect biological diversity, etc. and encourage its employees to enhance their environmental protection awareness and participate in the environmental protection activities.

Commonweal Charity

GCL has established a trinity commonweal charity mode that features environmental protection commonweal and pays equal attention to education and disaster relief in an attempt not only to create the best work environment for employees in the company but also to do its utmost to promote social harmony and spare no efforts on environmental protection and charity. Over the past years, the company has launched and participated in over one hundred commonweal and charity projects and has donated cash and supplies with the value of approximately RMB 100 million .


Golden Concord Holdings Limited

GCL Sun Charity Foundation

Since its establishment, GCL Group has never stopped in its philanthropy efforts. Despite in one of the most difficult periods of the global economy, we did not lower our budget for corporate social responsibility because we believe that GCL is crucial to the sustainability development of humanity. GCL will continue to grow with our society.

Chairman of GCL Group Founder and Honorary Chairman of GCL Sun Charity Foundation Zhu Gongshan