GCL Intelligent Energy Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

GCL Intelligent Energy, a subsidiary enterprise of Golden Concord Holdings Limited, provides electric power, heat, and cooling products produced from clean energy, engages in energy services to offer smart energy control, demand-side management, energy transactions, energy finance, and other services. The company’s exclusive “Supply-Network-Sales-Customer-Cloud” energy network model provides comprehensively integrated smart energy services and solutions.


In the energy supply field, GCL Intelligent Energy has a total generating capacity of 4 million kilowatts in operation or under construction, covering natural gas, wind, biomass, garbage, and geothermal power generation. At the same time, the company has been proactive in adjusting its energy structure, through which the proportion of installed capacity based on new energies has risen to nearly 80%, and continues to rise. In the energy service field, GCL has nearly 1,000 kilometers of centralized heating/cooling network in 11 national-level and 7 provincial-level development zones, serving more than 1,000 enterprises. In the ​​energy efficiency management field, the company has a demand side management service platform that provides energy load management and energy conservation services for industrial companies. Actively responding to the new round of “Power Sector Reform,” GCL is engaged in the distribution and sale of electricity. By participating in a number of national pilot projects of incremental electricity distribution reform, the company has achieved a market transaction volume of over 10 billion kilowatt-hours. In addition, the company’s business has been expanded to Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, and other regions, delivering clean energy products to different parts of the world.


As a pioneer in the integrated energy service business, GCL Intelligent Energy is dedicated to “green, intelligent, IT-based, and diversified” services with continuous technological innovation and business model reform. Through energy production, distribution, sales, and services, GCL integrates wisdom into energy technologies to meet the needs of sustainable development, and bring green energy into people’s everyday life.