Group Overview

GCL (Group) Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as GCL Group) is a high tech-oriented civil run leading enterprise focused on new energy and clean energy as well as coordinated development of integrated circuit semiconductor industry and other related industries at national level. It is also a green low-carbon high-tech enterprise with cutting edge advantages in realization of peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutral goals.

GCL Group is dedicated to environment-friendly power, core materials and special material gases for integrated circuit, application and manufacturing of new solar technology, natural gas, energy Internet and big data, mobile energy charging, energy storage technology and application, hydrogen energy and other industrial fields. The assets of GCL Group are mostly allocated throughout China, and even extended to Africa, Middle East, North America, Southeast Asia, Europe and other regions. GCL Group is now the largest civil-run new energy enterprise in the Belt and Road Initiative, and its assets add up to nearly 200 billion yuan, with the annual operating income over 100 billion yuan for many years. There are several A-share and H-share listed companies under GCL Group, such as GCL-Poly (03800.HK), GCL Integration (002506.SZ), GCL New Energy (00451.HK), GCL Energy Technology (002015.SZ), etc, with more than 3,000 CPC members, 30,000 employees and over 2,800 energy high-tech professionals. In 2021, GCL Group ranks 222nd of the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises, 97th of the Top 500 Chinese Manufacturers, 31st of the Top 100 Chinese Strategic New Industry Enterprises, 72nd of Top 100 Chinese International Enterprise and Index, 78th of the Top 500 Chinese Private-owned Enterprises, 41st of the Chinese Top 500 Private-owned Manufacturers and 4th in the world, 1st in China of the Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises.

Guided by General Secretary Xi Jinping’s new energy security strategy, GCL Group is now concentrating its efforts on promoting high-quality development, accelerating the revolution of energy production and consumption, helping to build a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system, and becoming a proactive practitioner in the light of Xi Jinping’s ecological civilization thought, the goals of peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality and the new energy security strategy of “Four Revolutions and One Cooperation”.

GCL Group began to embark on energy business in 1990. Under the leadership of CPC committees and governments at different levels, GCL Group, which rose from the opportunity of reform and opening up to the outside world, is always following the guidance of CPC and promoting green development by virtue of its red genes. Meanwhile, GCL Group would like to implement the new development concept in the light of Xi Jinping’s guiding philosophy for socialism with Chinese characteristics in new era. So far, GCL Group has 12 party committees, 5 general party branches and 120 party branches, with more than 3,000 CPC members. In addition, GCL Group attaches great importance to the vanguard and exemplary role of CPC members as well as the fighting bastion role of Party organizations, continuously strengthens the Party’s ideological development, organizational building, moral conduct cultivation, system improvement and anti-corruption work, consciously implement the Party’s line, principles and policies, and promotes the education themed on “Two Studies and One Action” throughout the activities of Party organizations, and guides the production and operation of GCL Group based on new development concepts, in an effort to activate the development of GCL through ideological means.

As the first and largest civil-run power enterprise duly established in China, GCL Group not only boasts a industry-leading installed capacity of clean energy and complete vertically integrated photovoltaic industrial chain, but advocates and promotes grid connection of photovoltaic power at fair price to play a leading role in the world. Cooperating with the National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund and undertaking the National Major Science and Technology 02 Special Project, GCL Group is one of the few domestic high tech enterprises approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, with relevant substitute technology for and production capacity of “China Core” materials required to be imported before in the domains of electronic-grade polysilicon, 12-inch large silicon wafers and large wafers for integrated circuits.

GCL Sun Charity Foundation

Since its establishment, GCL Group has never stopped in its philanthropy efforts. Despite in one of the most difficult periods of the global economy, we did not lower our budget for corporate social responsibility because we believe that GCL is crucial to the sustainability development of humanity. GCL will continue to grow with our society.

Chairman of GCL Group Founder and Honorary Chairman of GCL Sun Charity Foundation Zhu Gongshan