Corporate Citizenship

GCL is committed to becoming a qualified corporate citizen. The company has issued the GCL Corporate Citizen Whitepaper, GCL Corporate Citizen Construction Guidelines and other relevant documents. In addition, the company has actively played its role as a social organization and integrated basic social values into daily business practices, operation and policies to influence the social environment display our social responsibility and build a relationship with the society.GCL has always emphasized good corporate governance and ethical values. The company is responsible for the interests of the shareholders as well as the environment and is actively contributing to the development of the society.

Our Vision

To become a recognized and respected charity foundation

Our Slogan

Gathering and Sharing Love

Our Spirit

Thanksgiving Dedication Philanthropy Humanity

Our Commitments

Adhering to kindness
dedicating love




GCL Sun Charity Foundation held the second meeting of the first session of the Governing Council



With the approval of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, GCL Sun Charity Foundation is formally founded in April 2014, marking the official transition of the GCL charity foundation into a “standardized, professional, international” social organization with legal person status



In November, GCL Group Chairman Zhu Gongshan is nominated in the Welldoing for the World Exhibition of CPPCC Members’ Public Charity Deeds in 2013


In March, GCL Sun Charity Foundation completes the funding and construction of GCL Sun Care Shixia Primary School in Heshui Township, Xinyi City, Guangdong Province


In January, GCL Sun Charity Foundation completes the funding and construction of a primary school for Xintan Township, Beita District, Shaoyang City, He’nan Province


In March, GCL Sun Charity Foundation launches the Program of ‘Give Them a Pair of Invisible Wings: Funding Secondary School Education of Impoverished Yi Girls of Liangshan’

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Golden Concord Holdings Limited (“GCL”) is an integrated energy group that specializes in clean and new energy. GCL is China’s largest non-state-owned green energy holdings company and the world’s largest photovoltaic material manufacturer.