Educational Subsidies

With a development philosophy that is people-oriented and focused on talent, GCL has actively supported educational efforts. Since its foundation in 2010, the GCL Sun Charity Foundation has been committed to Sun Care Primary Schools, science exhibitions, disaster recovery and relief, and Dream Classroom projects.


Today’s education programs suffer from an emphasis on scores and test results which place unnecessarily pressure on students. At the same time, scores themselves are the basis of advancement and employment. This is an objective fact. Children and teachers in remote areas lack the opportunity to understand the latest scientific advancements. 


Interest and persistence are essential to success. It is for this reason that we have created the Science Delivery Service given our current national conditions so that we can “deliver” education home. 


For learning to be successful, it is important that we enhance interest in learning so that children can put what they have learnt to practice and experience the power of knowledge with their hands. In this way we can spark the flame of independent imagination and motivate them to learn. 


The Pinwheel Project


The Pinwheel Project is the foundation’s charity event based on the Sun Care Primary Schools, science exhibitions, disaster recovery and relief, Dream Classrooms that integrates financial technology, environmental protection, exhibitions, culture, school donations, and disaster relief. 


Through courses, the foundation recruits qualified volunteers to help children gain scientific knowledge, encourage students to pursue their dreams through science, enhance community awareness of the protection of natural resources, and raise awareness of new energy applications. 

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Golden Concord Holdings Limited

About GCL

Golden Concord Holdings Limited (“GCL”) is an integrated energy group that specializes in clean and new energy. GCL is China’s largest non-state-owned green energy holdings company and the world’s largest photovoltaic material manufacturer.

Objects of Funding:


Through field trips, small labs, craft workshops and science fairs, the foundation inspires students to learn about science and encourages them to pursue future studies in mechanical engineering for Chinese science.


For impoverished regions in need, the foundation builds Sun Care Primary Schools or Sun Classrooms to improve local access to educational facilities.


Science Tour of the Country in the Form of a New Energy-Flow Caravan.


Local Volunteer Services in Support of Education.