Disaster Relief

Faced with disaster, surrounded by support. In confronting crises, the GCL family’s solidarity and cohesion becomes all the more prominent. In the aftermath of the major earthquake that struck Wenchuan, Sichuan in 2008, GCL Group donated RMB 6 million. In April 2010, GCL Group donated RMB 10 million in funds and supplies to victims in the Yushu earthquake disaster area. In response to the Ya’an earthquake of April 2013, GCL Group donated RMB 2 million. GCL Group has established an integrated charitable giving model featuring environmental charity, education subsidies, and disaster relief.

In 2008, the foundation donated RMB 6 million to disaster relief for the Wenchuan earthquake.

In 2010, the foundation donated RMB 10 million to disaster relief for the Yushu earthquake.

To establish a pool of project funds and develop long-term donors as quickly as possible, the foundation will donate 25% in matching funds to the highest donation amount for projects that comply with our statutes and purpose, have a legitimate source of funds, and have donated to our charity projects. If a project matches our purpose to a high degree and is willing to include GCL in its title, the foundation will donate 50% in matching funds to the project’s highest donation amount. Donations can be given in installments based on the project’s progress, and management fees are not charged.

Volunteer Campaigns

“Sun Care Campaign” is GCL’s annual charity drive that brings together all the people of GCL to express their love for the community. Themed blood drives, visiting preschools to spend time with the children of migrant workers, sending love and warmth to primary school students, caring for the elderly in retirement homes… year in, year out, GCL employees are always available to lend a hand.


GCL’s projects are built on the support of volunteers, and nearly 20,000 of the Group’s employees have become volunteers. GCL also established a volunteer association to oversee its volunteers. As for the demand for volunteers, there will never be enough because we will always require greater participation.

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