GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Limited

Cutting-edge Technologies & Their Applications

G2-Wafer Technology

GCL Quasi-Mono wafer, with monocrystal structure, low oxygen content, low dislocation density, is produced from the ingot technology. Compared with the cells produced with traditionally casted multicrystalline wafer, the new ones have high conversion efficiency and are cost-effective.

Silane fluidized bed new technology

GCL silane fluidized bed polysilicon manufacturing technology is the process in which trichlorosilane (SiHCl3) is disproportionation reacted into Dichlorosilane (H2SiCl2), and then disproportionation reacted into silane, from which high purity granular polysilicon is produced in the fluidized bed boiler.

Overview of the Development Route of GCL Science and Technology

Advanced ingot furnace technology

Capable of producing both polysilicon ingots and GCL Quasi-Mono ingots, GCL-ASCS-880 establishes a brand-new technology standard for the growth of PV silicon wafers and provides a high-quality and low-cost technical solution to realise grid parity for the solar industry.

Diamond wire slicing technology

GCL has brought in diamond wire slicing technology and made remarkable progress in lowering the costs of silicon wafers. It has been proved in experiments that diamond wire slicing technology has the following advantages when compared with the traditional slicing technology:

Advanced solar farm system

With abundant technical research and development in the PV system, engineering design capability and extensive experiences of project construction, GCL has undertaken and implemented a number of important, large and medium-sized solar farms.