Corporate Culture

Core Values

  • Value-Oriented: Create and realize value for GCL.

  • Competition-Motivation: Achieve constant breakthroughs amidst competition and continue to improve.

  • Work Like a Family: Create common values and grow together.

Corporate Spirit

  • Entrepreneurship:Entrepreneurship embraces transcendence.

  • Innovation:without innovation, entrepreneurship cannot be successful, and it would be impossible to achieve transcendence.

  • Competition:competition and innovation are the fundamental methods to achieve transcendence.

  • Transcendence:the desire, spirit and determination to compete is the motivation for innovation.

Business Philosophy

  • Simplification:Reduce costs, streamline operations and improve efficiency.

  • Cost:The winning edge against market competition, cost leadership provides a competitive advantage for GCL.

  • Efficiency:Efficiency ensures that fleeting market and developmental opportunities are seized.

  • Cohesion:The key factor that converts efficiency into success and the best way to utilize resources efficiently.

  • Talent:The entity that creates and achieves value, and the leading force of the business.Member of the GCL family, contributor to GCL's success.

GCL Sun Charity Foundation

Since its establishment, GCL Group has never stopped in its philanthropy efforts. Despite in one of the most difficult periods of the global economy, we did not lower our budget for corporate social responsibility because we believe that GCL is crucial to the sustainability development of humanity. GCL will continue to grow with our society.

Chairman of GCL Group Founder and Honorary Chairman of GCL Sun Charity Foundation Zhu Gongshan