Chairman of GCL Group

Founder and Honorary Chairman of GCL Sun Charity Foundation

Zhu Gongshan

Since its establishment, GCL Group has never stopped in its philanthropy efforts. Despite in one of the most difficult periods of the global economy, we did not lower our budget for corporate social responsibility because we believe that GCL is crucial to the sustainability development of humanity. GCL will continue to grow with our society. I believe this is what you would call “positive energy”. 


In March 2010, I founded the GCL Sun Charity Foundation in Hong Kong and organized a series of initiatives to support educational development, disaster relief, environmental protection, and poverty alleviation. Seeing children learning in dilapidated schoolhouses throughout the impoverished mountainous regions, we launched the Sun Care Primary School Reconstruction Program. When the news of the Wenchuan, Yushu and Ya’an earthquakes above 7 magnitude broke out, we organized donations immediately and procured a large volume of disaster relief supplies to deliver to first-response relief efforts to disaster areas. Seeing Africans who have to live in a state of perpetual hunger all year round, we joined the Africa Food Fund immediately to work with other aid organizations from around the world in an effort to liberate Africa from hunger. I enjoy my work because it has helped discover myself. Life is short and the greatest thing that we can contribute to the society and the greatest realization of our value is to do something for the country and the society. Life will become more meaningful when we give back to society by helping those in need. I will continue to dedicate my life to clean energy and philanthropy, and ensure that they pass on to our future generations.

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