On June 9, the 4th China IC Unicorn Global Live Conference and Award Ceremony was held in Nanjing. Jiangsu Xinhua Semiconductor Material Technology Co., Ltd. won the “China IC Unicorn” award for its innovations and breakthroughs in the field of electronic grade silicon materials and excellent product quality.

The “China IC Unicorn” award was organized by CCID Consulting, a research institution directly under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute. CCID recognizes that Xinhua Semiconductor is growing rapidly under the strategic deployment of GCL Group, benefitting from its advantages in resources, technologies and talents. Xinhua Semiconductor holds the vision of revitalizing the national industry, commits to the mission of serving the country through industrialization and shoulders the responsibility of driving the R&D and manufacturing of semiconductor materials via innovations. The company has been making astonishing achievements and contributing significantly in realizing the localization of electronic grade polysilicon.

In the award speech, the organizer commented that Xinhua Semiconductor is constantly benchmarking itself against international first-class enterprises and first-class standards, showing great agility in technology innovations and equipment improvement. Through continuous debottlenecking, Xinhua has managed to rank its products quality and production capacity among the highest in the world and has helped China to realize domestic manufacturing of semiconductor-grade raw materials. Being a driving force in promoting the localization of China’s semiconductor industry, Xinhua Semiconductor fully deserves the “China IC Unicorn” award.

Jiang Wenwu, General Manager of Xinhua Semiconductor, gave a speech at the award. He said that given the new international competitive environment in economics and technology and China’s chip-oriented development strategy, GCL shoulders the responsibilities of an era and shares the mission of the country. Giving to full play of its advantages in silicon materials, GCL has deeply deployed the semiconductor silicon material industry, which is the foundation of the modern semiconductor manufacturing. As the pillar of GCL’s semiconductor material industry, Xinhua Semiconductor will continue to drive innovations and industrial upgrading and therefore to create core values for the country, the society and to energize the industry for a high-quality development.

This is reported to be the 4th session of the “China IC Unicorn” Award. It is designed to appraise and award the top companies in the integrated circuit industries in China, covering fields of integrated circuit designing, application technology, chip manufacturing, packaging and testing, materials etc.. The award sets a high threshold on technology R&D and advancement, market positioning, industry influence and market competitiveness of the participated companies.

Electronic grade polysilicon materials serve as the key base materials for integrated circuits. In the past, China was basically 100% dependent on imports for its domestic needs. Currently electronic grade polysilicon is of the highest purity among polysilicon materials. It is required to reach 99.999999999%, compared with the 99.9999% purity rate of solar-grade polysilicon. That means the total impurity content in 5000 tons of electronic grade polysilicon is equivalent to the weight of a 1 yuan coin.

Since 2015, GCL Group has started its cooperated with the National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund. It has mapped out in depth the integrated circuit silicon material industry, relying on its related core advantages in regard to talents, technology, R&D and manufacturing. Over the years, GCL has successively set up in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province its production research and development bases and relative supporting industry lines for polysilicon, Crystalline silicon, silicon wafers, silicon-based electronic specialty gases, etc.. Moreover, GCL has been undertaking important projects under National Science and Technology Major Project 02 and other provincial and municipal key projects.

At the end of 2015 GCL Group took the lead in building up the first 5,000-ton scale production line of electronic grade polysilicon in China. In November 2017, it officially launched and start to mass-produce electronic grade polysilicon products with purity rates ranging between 99.999999999% and 99.99999999999%. In July 2018, the company’s first batch of high-purity silicon materials for integrated circuits passed the verification of an international corporate customer and were exported to the overboard market, filling the gap in China’s domestic industry..


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