On June 2, Zhang Lei, Deputy General Manager of Zhuhai Cold Energy Utilization Co., Ltd., led a team to visit GCL Natural Gas Group to exchange views with Zhou Gan, President of GCL Natural Gas Group, on cooperation in cold energy utilization.

     On behalf of GCL Natural Gas Group, Zhou welcomed Zhang Lei’s visit and briefed visitors on GCL Natural Gas Group’s business development and transformation and upgrading. Based on the current energy industry environment at home and abroad, Zhou discussed possible cooperation opportunities with the resources and technologies available to both sides. He said that GCL Natural Gas Group is very much looking forward to maintaining good communication and cooperation with CNOOC Energy Technology & Services Limited and hope the two sides can continue to deepen exchanges and cooperation in the future to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation.

     Zhang Lei spoke highly of GCL Natural Gas Group’s efforts and achievements in the field of natural gas. He said that CCL Group has industrial resources that can be combined with CNOOC upstream and downstream. China’s cold energy utilization is in the initial stage of development, and in the domestic cold energy research and application areas, CNOOC Cold Energy Utilization Company has leading patented technologies. Cold energy utilization is in the whole process of LNG industry development, relying on LNG receiving terminals by effectively using cold energy released with LNG regasification. It is a green emerging industry. With the promotion of GCL Natural Gas Group’s Yantai, Rudong, Maoming LNG receiving terminal projects, the supporting cold energy utilization industry will soon be on the agenda. He hoped that in the future through cooperation with GCL Natural Gas Group, it can give full play to respective advantages, and to achieve common development.

     Subsequently, the two sides on the GCL Natural Gas Group under the three receiving station projects and cold energy utilization cooperation carried out extensive exchanges and preliminary discussions. The talks are the first formal contact between the two leaders since the establishment of GCL Gas Group. The two sides expressed the hope that further contacts will be maintained after the meeting and that in-depth and comprehensive cooperative relations will be established.