In the afternoon of May 27th, during “two sessions” period, a delegation from PetroChina Xinjiang Oilfields and their professional companies visited Poly-GCL Petroleum Group. Zhou Gan, CEO of Poly-GCL Petroleum Group received the delegation with technical personnel from the exploration and development, drilling and ground engineering departments of the company. The two sides conducted professional exchanges on exploration, crude oil test, oil field technical services, oil and gas field operation and maintenance management.

     Zhou extended a warm welcome to the delegation’s visit and briefed the delegation on the basic situation of GCL Group and Poly-GCL Petroleum Group. Zhou extended appreciation for PetroChina’s support to Poly-GCL Petroleum Group over the years. The two sides have carried out relevant cooperation in geological exploration, technical program research, engineering design and oil field operations. He looked forward to strengthening cooperation with Xinjiang oilfields and their professional companies, and hoped that the two sides can seriously explore cooperation models, fully carry out technical exchanges, and make joint efforts to promote project cooperation.

     Wang Xiulin, manager of exploration and development department of Poly-GCL Petroleum Group, and Li Junsheng, senior director, and Huang Long respectively briefed the delegation on the exploration potential and prospects of the Ogaden Basin, and reported in detail on the natural gas exploration report, crude oil exploration report and development plan.

     PetroChina Xinjiang Oilfield attached great importance to cooperation with Poly-GCL Petroleum Group, entrusted the Department of Foreign Cooperation and Oilfield Technical Services Company to lead the organization of Xinjiang Oilfield professional companies set up a joint working group, and reported to PetroChina headquarter directly. It gave full play to the mobilization of the technical strength of the old oil field and professional management experience, to make sure engineering and technical services and operations management are done properly. The step forward for PetroChina’s Xinjiang oil field would be to work closely with Poly-GCL Petroleum Group’s exploration and development technicians to collect the necessary technical information and evaluate the project as soon as possible, and to discuss the advance capital and business issues of this project, and draft the annual operating plan, as well as the configuration of the construction team. It would set up a special project team to work together to promote the project forward.

      Recently, the six national Ministries jointly issued the Implementation Opinion on Creating a Better Development Environment to Support the Healthy Development of Private Energy-Saving and Environmental protection Enterprises, which further introduced market competition mechanisms in key industries and fields such as petroleum, chemical, power and natural gas industries, encouraging state-owned and private enterprises to set up mixed ownership companies, for playing their respective advantages and promoting cooperate in relevant business.

      Taking the advantage of relevant national policies, earlier on March 30, 2020, Poly-GCL Petroleum Group and a professional company entrusted by Xinjiang Oilfield signed the “Ethiopia Oil and Gas Field Operations and Management Agreement” and “Non-disclosure Agreement”. The two sides reached a strategic cooperation consensus. Xinjiang Oilfield formed a consortium with their professional companies to provide engineering and technological services, and conduct a full scope cooperation with Poly-GCL on the upstream exploration, development, engineering construction, operation and management of the “Ethiopia-Djibouti Natural Gas” project for a win-win results.