Recently, GCL employees throughout China and around the world have focused their hearts on China and their endeavors, celebrating in various ways the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

At oil and gas projects in East Africa, a PV power station in the U.S., the high-efficiency battery production line in Vietnam, coal-fired power plant projects in Indonesia, the polysilicon base in Western China’s Xinjiang, the Jinsai Huijin PV power station in eastern China’s Anhui, the Sangri PV power station at an elevation of over 3,600 meters in Qinghai, and the GCL Cast Mono cell production plant in Xuzhou, Jiangsu, GCL’s men and women have turned their strong sense of patriotism and relentless pursuit of green energy development into a major passion so as to contribute the power of GCL toward the fulfillment of the Chinese Dream – the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

On September 24 at the Calub-CH1 well in the Calub gas field in Ethiopia, Chinese and non-Chinese workers jointly expressed their wishes for prosperity and peace for China and its people on the PRC’s 70th anniversary. In Djibouti, the patriotism of Chinese GCL workers was as visibly warm as the temperature there as they passionately wished prosperity for their beloved motherland.

On September 25 in Salt Lake City, Utah, Luo Xin, Chairman of GCL System Integration, attended the annual Global Solar Council board meeting on behalf of Zhu Gongshan, Chairman of GCL Group. He and GCL workers attending Solar Power International wished China and GCL’s green development all the best.

In Japan, employees at GCL System Integration Japan held Chinese flags in celebrating the anniversary and wished China prosperity while resolving to bring more green energy to all corners of the Earth.

Within China, on the banks of the Yalu Zangbu River, Tibetan employees Wangjiu Chilai and Gesang Ciren of Poly-GCL (Sangri) Solar Power spend each day routinely inspecting the safety of junction boxes and inverters, holding steadfast to their duty in safeguarding the PRC’s 70th year. At the Jinzhai Huijin PV power station in Anhui, production manager Cao Leixian placed a message, “Happy 70th Anniversary to the People’s Republic of China!”, on the company bulletin board. Workers at this PV-powered poverty alleviation station have brought green energy into the mountains, viewing the illumination of these areas as their mission, duty, and ideal to relieve mountain areas of poverty. In the Tengger Desert in Zhongwei, Ningxia, employees from the GCL New Energy branch in the Ningxia-Gansu region raised the Chinese flag and expressed their wish that all in China may enjoy bluer skies, greener mountains, clearer water, a more thriving economy, greater happiness, and increased strength as a nation.

The strength and prosperity of the Chinese nation is the common dream of all Chinese people. Green development and service to China are the untiring pursuits of all at GCL. May the currents and winds be with us as we are so fortunate to be a part of this era of greatness! It is our bound duty to devote ourselves to this great cause. We offer our sincerest wishes for the increased prosperity and strength of China, and we look forward to GCL helping to create a new era of glory!


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