On September 26, during the Solar Power International (SPI) event in Salt Lake City, the Global Solar Council (GSC) held a vote in which Zhu Gongshan, Chair of the Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association (APVIA) and Chairman of GCL Group, was unanimously elected to serve once again as the GSC’s co-chair.

Luo Xin, Executive Director of GCL Group and Chairman of GCL System Integration, attended the event and spoke on behalf of Zhu. He said that the Chinese PV industry has made outstanding contributions to promoting inexpensive PV power around the world. As part of the new energy industry, GCL has a major responsibility and mission. GCL is a leader in the aspects of PV power generation, storage, microgrids, and the energy internet. GCL has deeply experienced the importance of new technology R&D and applications and continues to work on them. Under Zhu’s leadership and with the guidance and support from the GSC, GCL is unrelenting in advancing industry technology.

The GSC is an international solar power industry organization that aims to share successful experience in the field and promote the global solar power market. The organization believes that, as a form of clean energy, solar power is not only a cost-effective response to climate change but also a clean-energy form with the greatest potential for universal penetration. As the cost of PV power generation continues to drop, solar power’s role in the fight against climate change will become increasingly important. In addition, solar power, like China’s high-speed railways, is becoming a “business card of China” due to its position as a driver of global development.


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