In one minute,
the heart beats 60 – 100 times,
30 babies are born in China,
the Fuxing Train can travel 5.8 km,
Tmall sales can break CNY5 billion on November 11,
16 visitors experience the beauty of the Humble Administrator’s Garden,
Sichuan opera performers can change their masks nine times,
and lovers walking in the snow can easily turn their hair white!

Being so smart, do you know
just what can happen
in one minute?
Here are some answers!

In one minute in 2018,
120 kilograms of polysilicon and 9800 pieces of wafers were
produced. If we connected all of the wafers made during the whole year end to end,
they would circle halfway around the world.

In one minute,
6,300 W of batteries and 12,600 W of modules were made, allowing for the construction of 5.4 GW of PV power stations that can generate a total of 9.8 billion kWh of power per year.

In one minute,
PV power stations generated about 14,897 kWh, reducing CO2 emissions by 7.6 million metric tons per year, which would be equal to planting 20,667 hectares of forest.

In one minute,
2.7 metric tons of trash were reincarnated into brand new treasures.

In one minute,
non-PV clean energy sources generated 19,026 kWh of power, annually saving about 3 million metric tons of coal and reducing emissions of CO2 by about 10 million metric tons, SO2 by 30,000 metric tons, carbon dust by 2.7 million metric tons, and nitrogen oxides by 150,000 metric tons.

In one minute,
GCL provided over 40 metric tons of heat through nearly 700 km of a centralized heating and cooling network for over 1,200 large industrial heat users.
We pool numerous small resources to achieve greatness, hold fast to ideals, forge ahead with determination, and pioneer new paths.
100% of our effort, enthusiasm, and conviction pushes us each second of each minute of each day as we press on toward bringing green energy into people’s everyday lives and heed the call to make this the era of China’s beauty.
Giving our all, we dash for the future.


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