In recent years, GCL has been making ceaseless efforts to expand its overseas presence. It has made outstanding achievements in increasing efficiency and lowering costs,which has boosted the competitiveness of its products in overseas markets. By offering high-quality PV products with higher efficiency and lower cost to the global market, GCL has contributed to the move towards PV’s grid parity.

March 8, Suzhou (Jiangsu)

On March 8, 2019, the 2019 High-efficiency Polycrystalline, PV Advanced Technology and Industry Seminar was held in Suzhou by the Jiangsu PV Industry Association. Dr. WAN Yuepeng and Dr. ZHANG Chun, respectively CTO of GCL-Poly and GCL-SI, gave keynote presentations at the event, sharing the breakthroughs made in GCL Cast Mono ingot technology with government leaders, solar power industry experts, and customers. The event gathered big names in the industry and attracted wide attention.

March 20, Guangzhou (Guangdong)

The 2019 PV Transformation Forum and 6th Guangdong PV Forum was held in Guangzhou, where GCL-SI’s latest product, GCL Cast Mono shingled module, once again triggered heated discussion.

This product uses the latest GCL Cast Mono 158.75mm cells. They contain 30% less oxygen than conventional mono cells, which means they have a reduced rate of degradation. Unique wafer slicing and shingle techniques are used on them to effectively lower the risks of hotspots and subsurface fissures. Also, their lower single current reduces wear within the module. In addition, the module configuration has a 10% greater surface area for light absorption than conventional modules, making it more efficient. According to the presentation, the 60-piece GCL Cast Mono shingle modules have a power output of 300 – 360W, and the 72-piece modules have a power output of 395 – 430W, completely meeting the current need for high-efficiency modules on the global market.

April 2, Jinan (Shandong)

The 14th China (Jinan) International Conference on Solar Energy Utilization in 2019 & Multipurpose Complementary Application Exhibition began on April 2. The Shandong market is characterized mainly by distributed energy, and GCL Cast Mono modules are the product GCL is most strongly pushing there this year. The modules once again garnered much attention with their super-high module power output and low cost.

At the same time, the 2019 China (Jinan) Distributed PV SI Conference & DX Energy Conference was held; GCL-SI was invited to give a presentation there on new modules of the 400W era.

Brilliance and Further Expansion on the International Market

First Stop: Egypt

On February 19, the inaugural version of The Solar Show MENA opened in Cairo. It was a grand gala of the PV power indusry in North Africa and attracted professionals from around the world.

For the PV power industry, the year 2019 is a year of high-efficiency products. Among all the high-efficiency modules promoted in Egypt, the GCL Cast Mono series of high-efficiency modules, which are the fruit of GCL’s independent R&D and innovation efforts for consecutive years, attracted the most attention

This product of GCL’s satisfies numerous market needs with the cost comparable to polysilicon products and the efficiency at par with monosilicon modules. GCL’s technicians also displayed the product’s high competitiveness regarding LID with the results of 1,000 hours of in-home testing and Fraunhofer testing.

Second Stop: Japan

On February 27, GCL shone at the Tokyo PV Expo. In the evening, GCL and Huawei jointly hosted an event to introduce new products for the Japanese market. Among GCL’s featured high-efficiency modules (GCL Cast Mono, shingle, and dual facial dual glass modules), the highlight among these was the GCL Cast Mono series of high-efficiency modules, which are the result of years of technological research and serves as the leader in GCL’s Chinese and overseas market expansion this year.

According to the presentations, the average efficiency of mass-produced GCL Cast Mono PERC cells is currently up to 21.8% and the corresponding power output of a 72-piece module is 370W+.

Third Stop: Mexico

On March 19, Mexico held the first Solar Power Mexico event. GCL-SI brought its new heavyweight, high-efficiency products (GCL Cast Mono, shingle, and dual facial dual glass modules) to it, taking yet another solid step toward international expansion.

After years of R&D in mono ingot technology, mass production has officially begun for the GCL Cast Mono series of high-efficiency modules. Their conversion efficiency is to exceed 19.4%, and the capacity is expected to reach 1GW. They will satisfy numerous market needs with the cost lowered to the level of polysilicon products and the efficiency up to that of monosilicon modules.

Fourth Stop: Vietnam

On April 4, The Solar Show Vietnam opened. GCL once again brought its 72-piece monosilicon module and monosilicon PERC dual facial dual glass modules module to the hotest spot in the Southeast Asian PV market, exhibiting the company’s supply capacity for its full series of high-efficiency monocrystalline products as well as the stable, high-efficiency output and high cost-efficiency of its products.

Also, the show was the site of GCL’s release of a regionally based custom-made product package. GCL will continue to collaborate with big names in other industries and improve its customized product solutions for cities based on their unique features.


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