On October 26, ZHU Yufeng, Vice Chairman of GCL Group, was invited to attend the discussions at the sub-forum on energy and environmental protection at the First China-Japan Third-Party Market Cooperation Forum and made a keynote speech at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. ZHU pointed out that 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of the signing of the China-Japan Treaty of Peace and Friendship. Over the past 40 years, China and Japan had cooperated with each other in the fields of energy and environmental protection at multiple levels, in various forms and in an all-around way. As a leading new and clean energy company, GCL has witnessed, taken part in and benefited from the in-depth development of the strategic reciprocal relations between China and Japan. He hoped that the entrepreneurs of the two countries continue to tap the comparative strengths of each other in the energy field, carry out projects in a deep way and stimulate the potential for common development. ZHU emphasized that GCL had cooperated with Japanese enterprises for 15 years in various aspects related to new materials, new equipments, and new products, of which its energy storage battery and power station projects developed in cooperation with Mitsui as well as its fuel cell projects developed in cooperation with Nissan and Mitsui show strong growth momentum, making positive contributions to responding to the “Belt and Road” initiative of the Chinese government and accelerating the global deployment of GCL. GCL sincerely invites Japanese enterprises and financial institutions to jointly develop major PV power generation projects and natural gas projects in third-party markets, and light the “Belt and Road” with intelligent energy. Zhu indicated that the 2018 Belt and Road Energy Ministerial Conference and International Forum on Energy Transition closed not long ago in Suzhou. At the forum, the energy ministers and experts pointed out that energy revolution needs total innovation in the four aspects of clean energy, energy storage technology, energy Internet, and energy finance. GCL always follows the general trend of international energy revolution, practices the concept of green development, and vigorously develops the smart energy industry. ZHU said that GCL had officially released the “Xinnengyun” system not long ago, invited Japanese intelligent energy enterprises to carry out scientific & technological cooperation and make model innovation, explore the third-party markets along the “Belt and Road”, and build a transnational and cross-regional intelligent energy system and cooperation platform for the future. As an important platform for official and nongovernmental communications between China and Japan for carrying out third-party market cooperation, the forum plays a positive role in exploring ideas and models of cooperation in specific fields and promoting business exchanges and the implementation of demonstration projects.


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